How Byron Baby oils are made: Follow the journey of our products

August 05, 2018

How Byron Baby oils are made: Follow the journey of our products

Sustainability is just one of the values we here at BBHQ really care about. To us, that means creating products thoughtfully, thinking about where each element comes from and how each ingredient is produced, so we can be confident we’re making the best choices for our community and our environment.

We believe in harnessing the power of a small number of natural ingredients. And why not! They are FULL of the good stuff. So how are Byron BABY products actually made?

  1. Macadamia nut oil

Where it all begins! All our Macadamia nuts are sourced from north eastern NSW and southern Queensland in Australia. Though they’re now produced in other locations around the world, they are native to Australia - our indigenous people have been eating them for thousands of years.

Aside from the health benefits of Macadamia nut oil, this Australian origin is really important to us - not just for sentimental value (though we can’t deny we love a bit of Australiana!) - but also because supporting local industries means helping our farmers, helping our friends and giving back to the beautiful Byron Bay community.

Macadamia nut oil is actually a by-product of the larger Macadamia nut industry. It’s produced by pressing crushed nut kernels and shells which are otherwise discarded after harvesting, meaning an elongated product life cycle and reduced waste.

  1. Kangaroo Paw flower extract

Starting with our Macadamia oil base, we then infuse Kangaroo Paw flower - Another beautiful Australian native. Why? (Apart from its glorious phytogenic properties of course). Native Australian plants are hardy as hell and we kind of respect that! The Kangaroo Paw is endemic to the harsh deserts of Western Australia, but now thrive throughout Australia including in the Byron Bay region, where our infusion is created. Other products like Jojoba and Argan oil are mass produced worldwide, shipped to manufacturing plants, then on to distributors, and retailers, before finally reaching your bathroom. We cut out as many of these steps as possible and ship everything from NSW and VIC to reduce travel.

  1. Native Australian essences

The final touch to Byron BABY Body and Face is a subtle aroma provided again by native, Australian ingredients. Our Fragonia and Honey Myrtle essences start life on a plantation in south Western Australia. The branches and leaves are harvested and placed into a boiler to undergo a steam distillation process. Steam distillation ensures lower risk of thermal degradation, meaning a higher quality essence without the use of chemicals.

  1. Final assembly and shipping

The final step in producing those little bottles of gold is pulling all the ingredients together, ready to be sent to you! 4 simple steps, 4 native, Australian ingredients, 0 nasties.

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