The natural addition to your hair care routine

July 14, 2019

The natural addition to your hair care routine

Everyday your hair is exposed to stress. The sun’s UV rays, high temperatures and environmental pollutants, not to mention the dry air most of us have to endure in air conditioned offices - your hair faces some tough conditions.

With all of these factors putting stress on your hair Macadamia oils may be just what you need to provide an easy to use, all natural boost to protect your hair against the stresses of daily life and lock in the proteins that ensure beautiful, healthy hair.

Macadamia oil is packed with some of nature’s best ingredients to ensure strong, luscious hair and a hydrated, healthy scalp. Its unique blend of fatty acids, with particularly high concentrations of palmitoleic acid, combine to regenerate your hair and follicles, and protect against environmental stress and pollutants. These fatty acids bind to the strands to add strength and shine, reducing breakage and locking in hydration without leaving your hair greasy.

The fatty acid combination closely replicates sebum, the skin’s naturally-occurring protective oil. This means it’s easily absorbed and won’t lead to buildup on your scalp and the appearance of heavy, dull hair that can result from synthetic or mineral-based hair care products. By nourishing your hair follicles and locking in hydration, Maca oil can also help to reduce hair loss caused by dehydration in your scalp.

Macadamia oil is also a great source of Vitamins A and E which help protect against sun damage and promote healthy skin cell production.

For those of us with curly hair, Maca oil is a great way to reduce the frizz caused by hot and humid conditions and prevent brittleness, making your hair easier to untangle and style.

For maximum effect, we recommend using Byron Baby Macadamia oil after blow drying your hair.  Its hydrating and moisturising properties lock in your hair’s natural proteins and ensure your scalp and follicles are protected against the elements. Pump a small amount into your hands, rub between your palms, then gently massage the oil into your hair, being sure to apply it right to the tips to repair any split ends. Alternatively, you can add Macadamia oil to your conditioner to provide that bit of extra nourishment.

To give your hair that extra boost, an all rounder oil like Byron Baby Body is our top pick.



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