6 reasons why Macadamia oil is our pick of the bunch!

April 11, 2019

6 reasons why Macadamia oil is our pick of the bunch!

Here at Byron Baby, we love Macadamia oil, but it’s only recently started to be used in cosmetics. In fact, it started life as a by-product of Macadamia kernels that were leftover after the nuts were harvested to eat. Now it’s well know as being a luxurious, non-greasy carrier oil that feels wonderful and is brilliant for your skin.

We’ve narrowed down our top six (only six?!) reasons Macadamia oil we think will become your favourite part of your daily skin care regime.

#1 Nature’s antidote to dry skin

No one likes dry skin.  It’s prone to itching, cracking and can lead to infection and other skin conditions.  Thanks to the Vitamin E and Linoleic acid in Macadamia oil, regular use will keep your skin moisturised and hydrated, protecting against dryness and damage.

#2 Preserve your body’s protective barrier

Did you know the skin is the largest organ in the human body?  And its function is to protect us from the elements and prevent the loss of water essential to every other part of our body functioning.  It’s vital that we look after our skin and help it do its protective work. Every day our skin is exposed to potential damage from sunburn, pollution, abrasions and other unavoidable factors.  Macadamia oil’s regenerative and hydrating properties are a great way for you to help your skin heal and replenish itself, and keep doing its job.

#3 Worried about wrinkles?

Macadamia oil is rich in Vitamin E, one of nature’s best antioxidants for fighting the free radicals that cause damage to cells. Without the help of antioxidants, your skin can suffer from wrinkling and premature aging.  By preventing the premature destruction of skin cells, macadamia oil keeps your skin looking fresh, firm and youthful.

#4 Fight the signs of ageing

As we age, our skin gradually begins to lose its youthful elasticity.  One of the major causes is a reduction in the oils our skin naturally produces to moisturise and protect against the elements.  Luckily, Palmitoleic acid, one of these vital oils our skin produces, can be found in other sources, and Macadamia oil has the highest concentration of Palmitoleic acid of any botanical source.  What better way to maintain your skin’s suppleness and elasticity than by using a natural oil that replicates your body’s own protective barrier.

#5 Low irritation

Naturally, we always have to be careful when we apply any product to our skin.  Fortunately, Macadamia oil is hypoallergenic (meaning it’s unlikely to cause a reaction) making it safe to use for almost everyone.

#6 Easily absorbed

One of the best aspects of Macadamia oil is that it closely resembles the oils your skin naturally produces.  This means it’s less comedogenic than synthetic oils found in most moisturisers, meaning it’s easily absorbed so won’t clog your pores. What does that mean for you? No breakouts and no greasiness!

Our Byron Babes are already making the switch, check out some of their feedback! Or just give it a try for yourself and let us know what you thought of all-natural, Macadamia oil.


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