How do I use Byron Baby oils?

The beautiful simplicity of natural ingredients mean Byron Baby oils can be used for almost any purpose.

Byron Baby is wonderful for baby massage - a beautiful way to connect with your little one and a lovely ritual for the two (or more!) of you to share. Massage in concentric circles into dry or damp skin, or use on rough patches - Macadamia oil and Kangaroo Paw nourish and regenerate at any age.

We love using a light touch of Byron Baby Face oil in the morning after a shower for a lovely glow. It absorbs quickly meaning it doesn’t feel heavy under make up. In the evenings, a couple of pumps (with or without moisturiser) will leave you feeling soft and bright by the morning.

Byron Baby Body oil is an all-rounder. A belly rub for our almost-mums is a lovely ritual and can reduce stretch marks. For new mums, old mums and anyone in the house this oil is the go-to for dry hands and feet, or any area needing a bit of love.

My baby has sensitive skin - How do I know this won’t aggravate rashes and dry areas?

With any new product, we suggest a skin patch test. This will tell you quickly whether there’s anything to worry about. Macadamia oil is considered to be hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause rashes. We also avoid any fragrances - We believe simple is always best.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

Not only is baby massage a beautiful way to bond with your baby while moisturising the skin, it also has wide ranging health benefits.

Bonding with your baby after birth doesn’t always come naturally. Aside from skin-to-skin contact, baby massage can be hugely beneficial to the process.

Baby massage stimulates the central nervous system with can improve circulation. It can aid digestion and improve weight gain as well as reduce crying and fussiness, while improving sleep patterns. Baby massage can even enhance babies’ awareness of their bodies and help mental and social development.

Our friends at the Baby Massage institute have shared a number of studies that go into detail about these processes, but if you just want a quick overview of why and how to start with baby massage, head to our Baby Massage page.

I’m prone to breakouts - Is oil the right product for me?
Some oils can block pores and cause breakouts - These oils are considered high on the comedogenic scale. Macadamia oil - the base of all Byron baby products - is low on the comedogenic scale - This means it doesn’t clog your pores and is much less likely to cause breakouts.