BYRON BABY 'THE SET' | Macadamia Oil

Byron BABY

A wonderful gift for a new or expecting mum, the Byron Baby set brings together our three complementary products in one perfect package. 

Byron Baby oils are 100% natural and use only native Australian ingredients. We harness the nourishing effects of Macadamia oil, and add a touch of Kangaroo Paw for its regenerative properties.

  • Byron Baby 'Baby' is fragrance free and perfect for newborn skin, pregnant bellies or for those who prefer no scent
  • Byron Baby 'Body' is a fantastic all rounder oil for dry patches of skin, cuticles or even through hair for a nourishing mask
  • Byron Baby 'Face' is light enough for daytime use and truly regenerative overnight


  • 100% natural - A small number of high quality ingredients is all you need
  • One of the most closely related oils to natural human sebum - It absorbs easily and your skin and hair love it!
  • Contains a great number of fatty acids that are perfect for all hair types
  • Rich in Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin
  • Learn more about health benefits

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